pushing metrics with mqtt

I came across a really good post from J.P.Mens, who wrote the brilliant mqttwarn script to effectively send MQTT messages to different types of services. Since I was in the mood to finally switch my Nagios instance running on the old monitoring box to Icinga, I decided to give mqttwarn a shot as wll.

Until now I’m really impressed how easy the setup, despite there is no debian package for it (I defintely should create one :) ).

Since I tried to get the metrics from openhab over the internet into my InfluxDB instance running on my webserver and failed, I wanted to have something more reliable in place. Thats when I found mqttwarn to replace it.

  • Install the mqtt-presistence in openhab
  • setup openhab.cfg with your mqtt server (I’m using RabbitMQ but I guess Mosqitto would do as well)
  • add the persistence file for mqtt
  • Setup mqttwarn on the server
  • enable the Grahite input in InfluxDB (Port 2003)
  • Profit!